Will Smith

Mar 07, 2024


EXPLOSlVE | Will Smith's Best Friend of 40 Years says he's "DONE LYING FOR HIM!" | Full Interview 

00:03:10 : 📌Clip: Introducing Will Smith's best friends whose known his for 38 years 

00:06:13 : 📌Clip: The story of Will's body guard beating the guy up for him and how brutal it was 

00:06:38 : 📌Clip: Talking about how will was doing gangster stuff and had protection 

00:07:45 : 📌Clip: "Guys bleeding there's blood everywhere and he tells Will to get out of there" etc etc 

00:08:24 : 📌Clip: How Bilaal lied for Will and his body guard and that cemented their relationship

00:09:12 : 📌Clip: "The whole police force was looking for Will and there's his mug shots and everything"

00:09:56 : 📌Clip: "I saw something different come out of Will that day. He grabbed a man by the back of his neck and was like don't effing do that"

00:10:11 : 📌Clip: "Will will F the average guy up. Will has hands"

00:11:32 : 📌Clip: if you Google J book was supposed to come out in 20 uh 2024 they heard my book was coming out and there was a rush to get her book released before mine why do you think that is because I have the information this is the first time in history that someone from Wills in a circle withspeaking you don't you don't have that there's nobody from their in a circle with credibility has has ever said anything everything has always been speculation period you can't name and so you you and J got smoked with each other

don't you oh we got this yeah it's yeah it's it that that lady has um verbally abused me uh for a number of years but at the end of the day that that's fine because see this is what we got to understand when you trying to reach new in life right and you're trying to go places because what I represent is thought leadership right it's where I come from in Philly people don't have any idea how hard it is so when peoplesee me doing my thing with celebrities or being with will or doing this or doing that that's possibilities they

look at me and say I can do it so as I move and groove it it ain't just for me

00:00:00 : 📌

00:00:01 : 📌Clip: Talking about will putting him in his book

00:34:17 : 📌Interaction between Will Smith and Vinnie Medina, and how will kissed him on the lips 

00:35:43 : 📌Clip: "you saw him with your own eyes, was it a pucker?" "Girl it was a kiss!"

00:36:28 : 📌How he hired private investigators to verify the legitimacy of the allegations toward people in Will's circle 

00:37:41 : 📌How will watched gay porn and live sex shows to prepare for a role as a gay man

00:40:19 : 📌Saying how he knows Will is bisexual and how he walked in on him doing sexual acts with Dwayne Martin

00:46:49 : 📌Clip: "You saw, according to you, will smith and Dwayne Martin in bed together"  

00:53:42 : 📌Clip: Breaking down the story of the pair in bed together 

00:55:12 : 📌Clip: "And that's when i saw Dwayne having anal sex with will" - "Lemme process that...who was on top?"

00:56:04 : 📌Clip: "I finally said oh shit and they turned around and said close the fucking door"

00:56:43 : 📌Clip: Will and him talking after the incident and how he told him he needed to sign papers. How he brought up the Eddie Murphy story 


00:57:14 : 📌Clip: Jada trying to invite him out after him and Will stopped talking bc he basically threatened him and the place she was inviting him ended up being a Scientology center 

01:02:03 : 📌The celebrity center/owned by scientology 

01:06:30 : 📌Clip: "I'm not gay bashing will, he should just come out. Because he's hurting all these people trying to hide his secrets"

01:07:03 : 📌How the smiths make people go to rehab even if they're not drug addicts to work with them. So  if anything ever goes wrong they can release footage of them and say they're an unreliable junkie 

01:07:59 : 📌Jada and Will giving someone their credit card and telling them to buy stuff but then reporting it so if they ever speak about them, they have a way to blackmail 

01:09:05 : 📌 "if you ask somebody hey do you got a friend that's the number one star in Hollywood uh how is it to be around him nobody can really answer that question but people that's been around with and I've been you know his friend for 30 something years but during the end of it

he wasn't my friend and worked with him for several years so I could tell you what goes on on the inside everybody

else is just speculation you know" 

01:09:22 : 📌Video of Will and him together 

01:10:52 : 📌Clip: Talking about finding out that Will smith put him in  his book 

01:15:58 : 📌The final falling out between him and will 

01:17:22 : 📌Clip: Talking about the slap on national tv 

01:18:06 : 📌Will and Jada 

01:19:09 : 📌 your woman to say that you can't please her or you know according to you you saw her say that Will Smith

had a small dick oh yeah oh when she get oh listen a lot of people have I mean J

has said worse right Jada has said worse because she's out of control and will

cannot control her you understand what I'm saying so um and at this point you

know I would have conversations with will and I see the Decay I'm not working with him at this time but I'm still his friend I'm at all the events you can look on Instagram hugging me be this my

guy all this kind of stuff right but I know not to say nothing because years ago I tried to say yo this chick is playing like you a trick like I didn't say it like that but essentially I'm saying well like you know you buying a Ferrari shopping spree getting private jets you just came from being bankrupt and you trying to impress this girl and about to go through a divorce and you spending all this money trying to impress this chick that's from Baltimore that's obviously promiscuous

like dude get get it together and you know I've been there before too it's like sometime when a woman is just really good in bed it's it take it it take a mental thing to to shake that to

say yo this chick not like I'm cohabitating with a woman that I shouldn't be cohabitating with and and this is something that maybe just the men audience is going to understand like you got to shake that thing because they're controlling you physically but Jada being a slick you know Baltimore

01:18:50 : 📌Clip: Talking about how Jada and Will used to 'swing' but Jada would go outside that agreement and that made will very very upset 

**01:25:14 : 📌Jada sleeping with Marc Anthony story 

01:26:46 : 📌Clip: When Will caught Jada sleeping with this guy he went crazy

01:27:13 : 📌Clip: "One of the things will has over Jada is that he came in and beat the shit out of Jada. So bad that they had to make a makeshift hospital in their home so it wouldn't make it to the public" 

01:27:44 : 📌Clip: "She had to get face surgery and everything. if you look at her face you can see it"

01:27:55 : 📌Clip: Will doesnt want that to get out there 

01:28:46 : 📌Clip: "Everyone else is speculating but I'm from the inside giving info to the outside" 

01:29:16 : 📌Clip: "Will doesnt want to be known as a woman beater and he beat the s out of her"

01:31:04 : 📌Clip: He's hiding the fact that he beat the shit out of Jada and she needed hospital care 

01:33:26 : 📌Clip: "He doesn't divorce her bc hes scared that she'll ruin his career"

01:35:08 : 📌Jada and Tupac

01:37:14 : 📌"oh I know they come nobody ain't got the information that I have see it ain't Will and Jada coming for me now it is the bosses of Will and Jada

it's it's Ken Herz you know it's uh gelfan the accounting company these all

these big political people who have [ __ ] our people over have put bad

imagery on our people you you don't see will doing movies about manam moose one of the biggest you know black richest

men in the in the world right you know they got will doing movies about you

know slaves and all that stuff because everything is about imagery what you see

right so they want to you know send so many messages right I I I never forget I

saw Will Will on you know we were on set doing a film and and the director was like uh we we we need you to now uh we

want to make your pants tighter will then we need you to walk with a switch and and if you could just move your

hands like we need you to be more feminine because this scene requires Fe and I'm looking I'm like yo I can't

believe like you can't you don't believe it like it becomes un [ __ ] [ __ ]

believable coming from the streets of Philly to see they giving this guy this type of

Direction so will can't do nothing will not going to do no films that's going to uplift our people because you think I

got a little bit of stuff imagine what they got on will to protect him from all these sexual assaults he done had him

01:39:27 : 📌Look at Bill Cosby Bill Cosby talked about buying MBC he said

you know what I want 20 4 Hour programming of black positivity I want

shows dramas comedy just all about positively a black

people soon as he said I'm G to take my wealth and in and and invest it to buy

this network what happened all the sexual assault cases

from they came years from it was like women that I'm like how you even

remember that [ __ ] right right right and it's like he admitted to it well you got

to imagine bill was almost worth a billion right Will's worth a half billion this comes from the people who

pay them because Will's a worker at the end of the day I don't care whether you work at Wendy's and you make $25 an hour or whatever it is or you you will you're making 25$ 35 million a film will is still a worker his bosses don't want me to disseminate this information it ain't just they can't stop me they they can't

01:40:37 : 📌these people who are Will's bosses who signs will check who allow will to make a half billion dollars and we got to look at what did they make off a will is what we got to look at you

understand what I'm saying 

01:41:22 : 📌they was going to crush me right y'all do this [ __ ] to me y'all affect my business

y'all treat me like [ __ ] and then tell me you going to crush me and I you know what I told him [ __ ] crush me so we at War right now 

01:42:11 : 📌I'll take that 38 years of friendship to say 36 years of friendship because I wouldn't do what I'm doing to will if he was my friend cuz you know as I know with the amount of celebrities that I

know and information that I have I could do a book there that would be crazy but I wouldn't even be able to show my face



Interview with Arvid

  • Jake (00:18.543)
  • Alright Arvid, tell me about Will Smith.
  • Arvid Ali (00:26.094)
  • Yeah, so the number one thing is that anytime you see a celebrity with a bad reputation or a really good reputation, their outcomes in terms of the legal system is very reflective of that most of the time, unless what they did was just too far of an extreme. So you very commonly see that if someone, especially if someone has a bunch of accusers and things start to look really bad in terms of the public, the court of public opinion, very quickly that gets reflected in terms of their judicial outcomes. 
  • So the prosecutors will be very aggressive towards them. The jury, you'll usually see that the jury barely deliberated on it. The judge just kept pushing everything through whether or not it had merit. So you definitely see this with people who have a bad public reputation. But when people have a really good public reputation, people kind of ignore the bad stuff that they did and they kind of let them get away with it. 
  • So generally speaking, you know, someone like Will Smith has done a truly phenomenal job at creating a very positive public reputation for most of his life. And when you have that going for you, you usually can sort of play the victim card. You can say that, you know, you're, it's not you know, that you're a bad person at all, but all these bad things happen to you. And because these bad things happen to you, you're forced into this outcome. And that is kind of Will Smith's playbook, is that, you know, he's a victim of circumstance, basically. And the more he's able to play that role of being a victim of circumstance, based on the way the US judicial system works, is they care a lot about your intent and whether you're a bad person. That's at the heart of it. And so if something was done in accident, or if you're forced to do something, you know, you're usually given a pass and that's generally speaking like how people feel just in terms of the public consciousness. 
  • So basically Will Smith did a great job taking advantage of that and always painting himself out to be this person who's simply a victim of circumstance and a victim of other people and he himself individually is really into personal development, is really into spiritual development, all this stuff where you can feel like okay this person is just always trying to better himself and he takes responsibility anytime he makes, sorry.
  • Arvid Ali (02:37.514)
  • And he also takes responsibility anytime he makes mistakes and he's always trying to improve himself. As much as he can keep that persona going, he's able to protect himself in terms of the public eye and then also able to protect himself in terms of the judicial system as well.
  • Jake (02:56.409)
  • So most of us are led to believe that the law is black and white. The law says this, you break it, you're gonna get in trouble. But what you're saying is it really is, a lot of the law really is based on opinion and public opinion and perception. 
  • Arvid Ali (03:15.322)
  • Yeah, I mean, absolutely when it comes to public figures, I'd say like 90% of it is determined by public opinion. And definitely again, the cases where you see people who have a terrible public reputation, if you look at it from a pure legal standpoint, you know, they oftentimes didn't do, you know, that many things that were technically illegal, but they're getting, you know, in a lot of trouble for it. 
  • Also, you see this on another extreme case, you know, when you see whether it's policing or, um, sentencing for people in low-income areas, like the outcomes that they get are insanely terrible for them because Practically speaking most people you know they just see this as like oh This is a bad guy, and I just want him to be in jail and yes Maybe technically what he did this time wasn't that bad But I just want these bad guys in jail like that's the motivation and it's no different than a tribal Society in the past like why do you even have a jury system like it really is like does this community? Want this person? In their community or not. And if they want this person in their community, then they usually relate to that person, think of that person as a good person. And if they don't want this person in the community, they've somehow come to the severe conclusion that this is genuinely a bad guy and I want him out of the community and I don't want him near my family and I don't want him associated to my day-to-day living. 
    • So that's how the law is designed. It's not really about the technical letter of the law that barely matters at all. It has much more to do with the vibe as strange as that sounds. That's really what it's really about.
  • Arvid Ali (04:48.778)
  • Yeah, it has much more to do with the person's vibe and whether you relate to that person and whether you see that person as a good person because naturally, you know, everyone likes to think of themselves as a really good person and they wouldn't want to get in trouble for something that they could see themselves doing. That's kind of the key thing. And the moment that you see someone as a bad person, you're like, oh, that's totally different. I'm a good person, this is a bad person. It's in the sort of in the opposite camp. So a lot of it has to do with what kind of vibe you give out.
  • And if you can give out that sort of vibe that Will Smith does and a lot of other people do who get away with these things, they tend to do well for themselves for a very long time until maybe one day things catch up to them.
  • Jake (05:35.114)
  • So that's why celebrities obsess over their public reputation. So when they do get in trouble, you see a lot of celebrities, they would get a lighter sentence or no sentence at all compared to if some other schmuck got in trouble. Is there anything else that has to do with it? Like, do they have sway over the please or whatever? 
  • Arvid Ali (05:57.162)
  • Yeah, so what's interesting is a lot of it has to do with their existing relationship with lawyers, the police, judges, whatever it might be. So you saw that with the O.J. Simpson case. He had a very good relationship with the local police departments. He's a really beloved person. If anything, I think he was the most beloved athlete in the United States at the time. So he always spent time hanging out with the police department and hanging out with lawyers and...
  • And I don't know his relationships beyond that, but generally speaking, the individuals who do a really good job at picking the right lawyers, at building good relationships with them, and they're all kind of connected. Everybody kind of knows each other in the sort of elite world of lawyers and judges and law enforcement. So if you build a good reputation with them, then they know that like, okay, I understand this person. He's a trustworthy person. He's a good person.
    • and because he's a celebrity, people might falsely accuse him of things. That's kind of the key thing, is they don't want to put innocent people in jail. So if they genuinely understand that you are a good person, because of the relationships that you've built, you know, they're not going to aggressively try to create a bad outcome for you. At the end of the day, you know, whether you're a prosecutor or a judge, you know, you do prioritize sending people to jail who you believe are bad people. 
    • You don't actually want to send innocent good people to jail simply because, you know, bad things happen to them and, you know, especially for celebrities, you know, they get accused of things all the time that just simply aren't true. And so you want to make that distinction like, oh, is this actually a good celebrity or a bad celebrity? And if it's a good celebrity, I don't want them to get in trouble because simply they're a celebrity and people want to take advantage of them and make accusations that aren't true. So they do make that distinction very commonly with public figures.
  • Arvid Ali (07:54.966)
  • this is a common thing, I will say, with celebrities. They do have to build some sort of direct relationship with the local law enforcement because there are too many people who ultimately become aware of where they live. So you naturally have people causing problems for them. So... police do need to know for the safety of the celebrity and for the safety of the, for the safety of the, for the safety of the celebrity and for the safety of the community.
  • (08:42) so police do actually need to know for the safety of the celebrity and for the safety of the community Like where are the celebrities? What are they up to? You know who's actually a troublemaker who's actually a good person and by knowing these distinctions they can understand when they should enforce things appropriately And how they should afford sorry they can understand how and when to enforce things You know based on the calls that they get so most celebrities they do generally speaking, have to build some sort of connection with local law enforcement just to make sure that they're aware that, okay, hey, I'm me, celebrity and because of that, all these random things might happen and I might need to contact you directly if something risky happens to me or my family. And also, if people make random calls that just aren't true, at least you can contact me directly. So these things aren't genuinely important for law enforcement.
  • Jake (09:45.459)
  • how important is having a good lawyer to the outcome you get in the court? 
  • Arvid Ali (09:51.642)
  • I think it's by far the best investment any human being could ever make is having good lawyers. 
  • Yeah, I think that probably the best investment anyone can make, especially if you have some money or if you have some level of fame, is getting the right legal team behind you. 
  • Because what happens is, most people think about it purely once they get in trouble, like who do I turn to? But when you have really good lawyers, they help you actually understand how to navigate the world and law and everything in such a way where you don't end up in trouble. And that's the most important thing is like, if you find really good lawyers, first, before you run into any issues, because you can actually learn from them and understand what can you do, what can't you do, and what do you do if something arises that was outside of your control. So generally speaking, the celebrities that really invest a lot of money in having the best lawyers, they end up having really good outcomes because, and you don't really hear about scandals from them in the public eye, because they know how to prevent issues before it gets too far. And that is one recommendation I have for anybody who's watching who has generated enough income for themselves or is in the public eye in any way. 
    • Definitely invest a lot into getting the best lawyers, paying them well to have them be your lawyers and also learn from them and have it as preventative law more than it is like once you're in trouble, this is the phone call that you make. Of course you want to do that. But definitely for these celebrities, they... They actively work with these lawyers all throughout the year, not just when they're in trouble. 
    • And definitely once they're in trouble, they have a good person to call. But more importantly, they knew what to do to navigate that situation. So they turned out in a positive end outcome for themselves. 
      • I would say this one for this, because I said that, like just put some disclaimer at the beginning of the not legal or financial advice thing.
  • Jake (11:58.844)
  • Let's say you were following all the preventative law stuff, but you still got in trouble. How effective... Like, is a good lawyer, are they just like that much better at arguing or is there more to it, like connections or whatnot? 
  • Arvid Ali (12:14.434)
  • Yeah, yeah, it has very little to do with arguing. It has much more to do with the fact that they appreciate the reality of everything that I just said. So they understand how important it is to build the right relationships with other lawyers and create a good reputation as a lawyer. It's a trustworthy lawyer, really. And most importantly, once they're representing their clients, they understand how to speak to a jury correctly because it's sort of like a
  • more or less a well-known thing among sort of top lawyers, which is that a jury genuinely cares about something on an emotional level. They don't usually understand the technicalities of a law. So can you find a lawyer who can actually resonate well with the jury, who can actually navigate the process with the judge correctly and creates an environment that's favorable for you versus adversarial? 
  • And that's something that I think is kind of a big misconception is most people think like a really good lawyer is gonna fight for you and argue all the time and like annoy the judge on your behalf. Like, you know, that's probably the worst type of lawyer you could ever get. 
    • You wanna get a lawyer who actually understands these people personally, who understands how juries work really well and who understands how to navigate everything, even with the law enforcement being able to communicate on your behalf. Because at the end of the day, like what is a lawyer? It's nothing more than somebody who's able to communicate on your behalf to represent you in the way that you wish to be represented. 
    • And given the fact that you're dealing with a situation where you're in a weak scenario, like you're the person who could easily end up in jail for something that maybe you didn't even do, you wanna have the right person who knows how to communicate with people really well. And it's not really about like, you know, arguing and stuff like that. In certain situations, you might wanna argue to discredit the other side if they're aggressively going after you as a lawyer. So that is correct. Like where they are competing against the lawyers on the other side, but the ones who do it really well are the ones who don't get too caught up on that, and they focus on the fact that there is a jury who has an impression, and a lot of it is mostly to do with the vibe that you're giving out and the vibe that the lawyer is giving out the whole time. 
  • Arvid Ali (14:36.93)
  • And most people saw this with the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case. People were just intuitively for one side, mostly on the Johnny Depp side, because of the way that they want to view one person versus the other, and you cast off one person as a liar and the other person as a good person. 
    • That's pretty much what everyone deals with when they're in the legal system.
  • Arvid Ali (15:10.47)
  • so the actual truth, especially with actors specifically, so just talking about the Will Smith situation, so most actors that you see, they grew up as more or less like the kids who are like the drama kids, you know, like when I say drama, like the theater kids, right? Let me say that again. Especially with actors. Yeah, so especially with actors, you know, they grew up being like the theater kids. They're not like usually super popular or loved or anything. They're just kind of like kind of a weird eccentric. They're the theater kids basically, right and 
    • Once they become Famous it's very difficult for them specifically because they're intuitively an artsy person so when you take an artsy person and you put them into an environment where now they have to deal with tons of random people and They have to deal with all these expectations and this and that they end up resorting to creating a very, very much a fabricated public persona because they're comfortable, you know, playing a role of an actor and so they really do that role well, especially with their public persona. Everything that you see with them publicly is almost zero correlation to how they are privately, but they do this job well and they do see that as a job like, okay, this is my public image, this is the character I'm playing publicly and some of them admit to this, but generally speaking, you know, they're playing this character publicly. Privately, you're dealing with somebody who really doesn't like the life that they have to live. 
  • They can't go outside, they can't do anything without being scrutinized. Every single day, especially the A-list celebrities, they're being scrutinized in terms of how they look, who they're dating, every little thing that they do is constantly under a microscope. And so their natural solution is just to be at home all day, unless if they have to leave, then they will. But usually they end up being very lonely, very isolated. And if everyone, let me see this.
  • And most of us experienced this in 2020, which is like to be inside your house all day and very quickly that weighs on you in terms of your mental health. So as that starts to weigh on you, you become more and more miserable as a person and rarely do you see a happy person committing a crime. It's usually very frustrated, very miserable people. And so if you allow that to compound over many, many years, you start to see them doing things that are very questionable and it seems very weird that they're doing it,
  • Arvid Ali (17:35.178)
  • Honestly, it's a reflection of how incredibly miserable they are internally, and usually they have very severe mental health problems themselves, and we just don't recognize that because they do such a good job with playing the character that they need to play in the public eye.
  • Jake (17:53.406)
  • the celebrity world and the acting world naturally attracts people who are gonna be, who are gonna have like very super weird tastes that would end up committing these like very weird crimes. 
  • Arvid Ali (18:06.514)
  • Yeah, a little bit. So it's a lot of it's I would say that like They by definition are abnormal people like what you need to do to become a celebrity is not an accident Like it you have to do a lot to become a celebrity and a lot of celebrities that you see today Let's say with Elon Musk. He spent ten years Working all day every day to become a celebrity, you know He likes to pretend like he's just some engineer or whatever but like at the heart of it back in 2008 SpaceX and Tesla and all this stuff, but he was not in the public eye really, except for a little bit. 
    • And then he spent 10 years aggressively becoming a celebrity just actively every single day trying to get interviewed by anyone who would interview him. And that process is something that almost no human being would choose to do. It's very annoying, it's very uncomfortable and you have to really be obsessed with becoming a public figure to end up in that situation. So.
  • With actors, what's interesting is you have this artsy person who doesn't feel validated as an artsy person unless they have public attention. And so there's weird duality where they kind of want to be a loner, kind of a weird artsy person. But then, again, with an artist, this is always kind of the stereotype of the miserable artist, basically, is that they can't feel validated unless if the whole world loves their art. But inherently, they're this sort of soloist type of person. So you get that person working super hard to finally become famous. And then once they are famous, they can't leave their house. And then naturally you end up with a super strange outcome of this incredibly miserable person who does have a lot of money and resources. And then they end up using a lot of their resources to do these sort of weird things that oftentimes doesn't even benefit them and doesn't really benefit anybody else, but it's just a reflection of their strange taste of misery that they have.
  • [Option 1 Segue]
  • Jake (20:29.469)
  • so you have a law background, if you wanna tell people a little bit about that, but if you know all these lawyers and you know all these like elite attorneys and judges or whatever, why didn't you end up becoming a lawyer yourself? 
  • Arvid Ali (20:43.006)
  • Yeah, so in my case, what's funny is that I just found that I'm way better at helping people make money than I am just sort of sitting behind a desk and reading all day and being a lawyer. So I'm sure I could have done quite well in terms of in terms of just being an individual lawyer. But after meeting enough of the world's sort of top lawyers, I realized that the day to day life that they have isn't the one that I want to have. But more importantly.
  • my special skill was really helping these celebrities and helping lawyers and plenty of other people just multiply their income. So that ended up being my specialty over time. And I was able to help plenty of people, 10X, 20X their business, simply because I had a background primarily in Silicon Valley where I get to see how businesses can multiply by a hundred X in a short period of time. And I just translated everything that I learned in Silicon Valley into the real world of other people's professions and businesses. And then now...
  • I launched my YouTube channel to just really expose all of the misconceptions that everybody has in terms of how to really grow your income, but more importantly, looking at all of these people in the public eye, especially these sort of famous billionaire people who pretend like the way you become rich is by becoming a genius. It's absolutely not true. The way you can multiply your income is very simple. You just need to add more value to more people. You just need to keep getting more customers. And the way that you do that is very, very straightforward. And so I've created this one hour training that pretty much covers everything anybody needs to know in terms of how to turn their job into a business or in terms of how to take their existing business and really multiply that by understanding the principles of how you get more customers and how you service more customers in a very easy and effective way. So that's my main focus and that's always been my main specialty. And now I'm trying to share that with as many people in the public domain as I can. I've always traditionally done that with.
  • as sort of celebrities and billionaires and those types of people. And now I've realized like, okay, for my next phase of life, I want to purely focus on helping anyone who's simply looking to really multiply their income or really solve any other problems in their life. There is an actual answer to it and the answers are very simple and I give it out for free in my YouTube channel. And then afterwards, for anyone who wants to, I tried to make it as cheap as I possibly could to schedule one on call. I tried to make it as cheap as I possibly could to schedule one on one call with me.
  • Arvid Ali (23:04.622)
  • so I can directly understand your exact situation and give you direct advice as to exactly what I would do in your shoes to really multiply your income oftentimes. Other times people have other problems that they're dealing with, but it all kind of goes hand in hand in terms of just getting your life to exactly where you want it to be. And given the fact that I've seen sort of the elite in every single category, I have a pretty easy way to give you the right answer.
  • [Option 2 Segue]
  • Jake (23:40.25)
  • so everyone looks up to these celebrities, a lot of us are like envious alone because they all have all this money and fame, but what you're saying is their lives are actually like incredibly miserable. So what would you recommend for people who, maybe look up to them, they want money, but They want like a better life.
  • Arvid Ali (24:01.514)
  • Yeah, so it's a good question, which is basically there are plenty of ways you can make money or become famous and there's a huge price to pay for it. And most people don't recognize the price that most of these billionaires or celebrities really need to pay to get to that situation. And so my focus over the last 10 years was to figure out exactly like who are these people in real life who actually make millions of dollars a year but they don't have all the downsides. 
  • Whether downsides related to like how they made their money, like to avoid any sketchy ways of making money, or downsides of people taking advantage of them or them becoming famous in a way that they don't want to. So I really specialized and really obsessively tried to figure out like how do you actually multiply your income as an individual in such a way where you can do it in an easy method, you don't need to be a genius, where you take your existing job typically, or you can take your profession, or if you have a small business, and you figure out how do I take my profession?
  • and turn that into a business and multiply my income that way. And that's been my main focus of really helping people now with my YouTube channel because I've helped so many people over the years multiply their income. Usually it's been billionaires and celebrities, but then I realized, you know, I should be really focusing on helping as many people that find me as I can. So my focus now is to give everything away for free on my YouTube channel. I have a one hour training that pretty much gives you every single thing that you'd ever need to know to turn your job or profession or small business into a much larger business or just simply multiply your income without having to learn any new skills. It's just a matter of understanding that you simply need to get more customers in a very easy way and service those customers in a very easy way. And I go through all of that in the one hour training. But that is my main focus right now. And afterwards, I love scheduling the, sorry. And afterwards.
  • If you can schedule a one-on-one call with me, I made it as cheap as I possibly could. And through that one-on-one call, I could actually understand exactly what your situation is and how based on what you're dealing with, what you can do to either multiply your income or any other problem that you're trying to solve, now I'm happy to really step into that situation and tell you exactly what I would do given the fact that I've worked with all the most elite people in every single category that you could think of. And that's been the most fulfilling thing for me and that's an absolute guarantee, which is that.
  • Arvid Ali (26:18.506)
  • your life will completely change from one call. So, so far it's been 100% success rate. So really excited to talk to anyone else who finds me through this video.
    • Note for introducing Arvid: you would need to say that I advise an attorney general for the, to make any sense. Um, so that segue, yeah, uh, that we have in, in the most recent video that we did.


Record Promoter William Hendricks on Will Smith Ordering His Bodyguard Charlie Mack to Attack Him and Break His Face

  • [the slap]
  • “There is a story here that should be told because there is a lot of s— going on with him,” Hendricks said during a telephone interview.
    • “I don’t agree with what he did but like I said, this is the biggest f— up he’s done thus far,” he added. “He has to learn we are all accountable to what we say and do – and you have to be prepared for the backlash, just like Chris Rock.”
  • The unhinged Wild Wild West star rushed to the stage and walloped the tart-tonged comic for delivering a throw away GI Jane joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett, who suffers from alopecia and is balding.
  • [hook]
  • “Every time Will Smith do some nut s—, ya’ll call me,” Hendricks said refusing to recount the hellish 1989 beating he received in Smith’s hometown in Philadelphia, just days after the rapper turned actor won his first Grammy.
  • In 2012, Smith got into an argument with Hendricks then allegedly ordered his bodyguard Charles “Charlie Mack” Alston, to pummel the promoter.
    • Hendricks’ left eye orbit was fractured, and six stitches were needed to close the gaping wound! Smith ended up spending the night at a West Philadelphia police station following the attack.
    • “It wasn’t my fault. That’s what they all say! But it wasn’t my fault. This is back in Philly. One of my buddies beat up this dude, and I was there. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”
  • Unlike the 1989 incident, the Oscar night attack was on live television and in front of a bevy of Hollywood A-list stars. Smith issued an apology Monday afternoon after a firestorm of criticism and calls for the Academy to take back the Best Actor award he snagged that same night for his performance in King Richard.
    • “Violence in all of its forms is poisonous and destructive,” the hot-tempered actor wrote on Instagram. “My behavior at last night’s Academy Awards was unacceptable and inexcusable. Jokes at my expense are a part of the job, but a joke about my Jada’s medical condition was too much for me to bear and I reacted emotionally.”

Record Promoter Allegedly Beaten By Will Smith's Bodyguard In 1989 Speaks Out 

  • The Academy Award WWE smackdown of comic Chris Rock is Will Smith’s “biggest f--- up he’s done thus far,” says the Philadelphia man who has the physical injuries courtesy of the Bad Boys actor's brutish behavior.
    • Record promoter William Hendricks, who nearly lost his left eye during an argument with Smith that led to beating, exclusively tells RadarOnline.com the thinned skinned Men in Black star should be held accountable for his “nut s---” antics.
    • "There is a story here that should be told because there is a lot of s--- going on with him,” Hendricks said during a telephone interview.
    • "I don't agree with what he did but like I said, this is the biggest f--- up he's done thus far,” he added. "He has to learn we are all accountable to what we say and do - and you have to be prepared for the backlash, just like Chris Rock.”
  • "Every time Will Smith do some nut s---, ya'll call me,” Hendricks said refusing to recount the hellish 1989 beating he received in Smith’s hometown in Philadelphia, just days after the rapper turned actor won his first Grammy.
    • Hendricks’ left eye orbit was fractured, and six stitches were needed to close the gaping wound! Smith ended up spending the night at a West Philadelphia police station following the attack.
    • In a 2005 interview, Smith insisted: “It wasn’t my fault. That’s what they all say! But it wasn’t my fault. This is back in Philly. One of my buddies beat up this dude, and I was there. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”


Will Smith 1989 mugshot for connection to attack which almost left man blind

  • It has been revealed that in 1989 Will Smith was arrested over an alleged vicious assault which took place in Philadelphia.
    • According to reports, Smith - who at the time of the arrest was 20 - was involved in an argument which resulted in a man almost losing sight in one eye.
    • The charges against the 44-year-old actor, which were later dismissed, included aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.
  • The National Enquirer claim that the assault on record promoter William Hendricks took place in the days following on from Smith receiving the first rap Grammy alongside DJ Jazzy Jeff
    • The initial story which was published in the National Enquirer, alleges that a police report states Smith asked his bodyguard Charles Alston to 'attack' Hendricks.
    • Hendricks was left needing six stitches after he fractured his left eye orbit during the attack
  • A source told the magazine: 'Will had to spend a night in the cell at the West Philadelphia police station with other inmates waking him up all night long and asking for his autograph.
    • 'It was the worst night of his life. He wants to forget it ever happened.


Will Smith "Beat the sh*t outta" Jada for F**king Marc Anthony on His Couch and She Had to Get Surgery Says Former Assistant 

  • A string of allegations have been reeling out against Will Smith by his former assistant, Brother Bilaal, who decided to leak the actor’s supposedly darkest secrets in an interview. 
  • Bilaal’s claims of Smith having an affair with Duane Martin blew up the internet days ago, sparking debates and giving way to a possible lawsuit as Smith’s wife, Jada, expressed that legal action will be taken against the ex-assistant.
  • Other allegations Bilaal made included his claims that Smith’s manhood was tiny, that Smith was okay with Jada sleeping around as long as he knew, and that Smith had beaten Jada for having sex with an actor/singer at their house behind his back.
  • “Will is comfortable with someone f**king his wife when he is there,” Bilaal told Tasha K, adding that Smith is flooded with insecurities when his wife is having sex without his knowledge.
  • According to Bilaal, he and Smith spoke about beating up Jada after she reportedly hooked up with Marc Anthony. “One of the things that Jada has over him: Will lost it and beat the shit out of Jada…so bad that they had to make a makeshift hospital in their home so that it couldn’t get out to the public,” Bilaal continued.
    • He also claimed that the beating stemmed from Smith feeling hurt when he found out that Jada hooked up with Marc Anthony on their couch even though he was unbothered with them hooking up on set. Bilaal also stated that Jada had to undergo surgery on her face due to the injuries she received from the beating.


Diddy Tried to Be a Peacemaker After Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock 

  • Diddy knew what he wanted to accomplish when he took the stage at the 2022 Academy Awards on Sunday. The 52-year-old rapper was a presenter at the ceremony, and the first to follow Will Smith and Chris Rock's onstage incident.
    • A source tells ET that Diddy wanted to try to lighten the room when he was onstage and try to celebrate the awards. According to the source, he wanted to bring the moment back to the Oscars.
    • The source notes that Diddy wanted to try and be the peacemaker, adding that he spoke to Smith and Rock separately after the moment.
  • The incident occurred when Rock, a presenter at this year's ceremony, made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's hair. The actress has spoken publicly about having alopecia, a hair loss condition that she was diagnosed with in 2018.
    • Smith responded to the comment by coming onstage, slapping Rock, and yelling, "Leave my wife's name out of your f**king mouth." 
  • Smith went on to win the Best Actor Oscar for his role in King Richard. During his acceptance speech, Smith did not apologize to Rock, but instead offered apologies to only his peers and the Academy.
  • After the incident, Rock declined to press charges, the LAPD previously told ET. 
  • As for what the Academy thinks, on Sunday, they posted a statement to Twitter, which read, "The Academy does not condone violence of any form. Tonight we are delighted to celebrate our 94th Academy Awards winners, who deserve this moment of recognition from their peers and movie lovers around the world."
    • "The Academy condemns the actions of Mr. Smith at last night's show," the statement read. "We have officially started a formal review around the incident and will explore further action and consequences in accordance with our Bylaws, Standards of Conduct and California law." 


Will Smith Explains Why He Slapped Chris Rock: ‘I Lost It’

  • Will Smith explained why he slapped Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars earlier this year, saying in an interview on “The Daily Show” that he had bottled up a lot of rage.
    • Mr. Smith said he had made a horrific decision to stride onstage and smack Mr. Rock, who had just made a joke referencing that Mr. Smith’s wife had short hair.
    • “There’s many nuances and complexities to it, you know, but at the end of the day, I just—I lost it, you know?” Mr. Smith told “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah on Monday.
  • Mr. Smith spoke with the comedian Mr. Noah about the episode for roughly half of the 22-minute interview. The actor has maintained a relatively low profile since the March Oscars ceremony but released an apology video in July. He has stepped back into the spotlight this month to promote a movie he is starring in, Apple Inc.’s coming film “Emancipation.”
  • “I think that was one of the big things for me over this last couple of months,” he told Mr. Noah, “that I had to forgive myself for being human.”
  • Mr. Smith said he was going through something the night of the ceremony but didn’t elaborate. Still, he said, that didn’t justify his behavior. 
  • Mr. Smith apologized to Mr. Rock in the July video and said Mr. Rock told him he wasn’t ready to talk about the incident. Mr. Smith was later banned from attending Oscar ceremonies for 10 years.
    • The interview was one of his most in-depth since the slap, a brief moment in an hourslong telecast that came to define the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. Millions of people tuned into the program and millions more watched clips of the slap on social media. Mr. Smith’s outburst stole attention from other history-making moments, including his first Oscar win for best actor.
  • Shortly before Mr. Smith won the Oscar, the comedian Mr. Rock had been presenting an award and made a joke that Mr. Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, should star in a “G.I. Jane” sequel. Ms. Pinkett Smith has short hair because of a hair-loss condition called alopecia. The actress Demi Moore
    • Mr. Smith walked onstage and slapped Mr. Rock in the face, repeatedly yelling, “Keep my wife’s name out your mouth,” using an expletive. Mr. Rock looked stunned but continued presenting.
    • “I’ve always wanted to be Superman,” Mr. Smith said in the interview that aired Monday. “I’ve always wanted to swoop in and save the damsel in distress.”
    • Mr. Noah, who is friends with Mr. Smith, told him what he did was messed up but everyone is allowed to make a mistake.
    • Mr. Smith said that because of the episode, he learned that “We just gotta be nice to each other, man.”


Will Smith Committed A Violent Crime On National TV 

  • Will Smith committed a violent black-on-black crime on national TV during the 2022 Oscars program. Smith trespassed onto the stage, without an invitation to do so, and committed a violent assault and battery on co-host Chris Rock. Afterwards, Smith continued his assault in front of the world telling Rock (twice) in loud and profane language to "Keep my wife's name out of your fuc---- mouth."
    • Chris Rock handled Smith's violent assault and battery with class and grace.  To his credit, Rock did not fight back.  Rock simply rose above Will Smith's felony assault and battery upon him.
  • Now, I am beginning to understand why violent crime is a growing phenomenon in Los Angeles.  Smith committed a felonious assault on National TV, without any fear of law enforcement consequences.
    • There is NO EXCUSE for Smith's violent criminal behavior! I condemn it, without hesitation or reservation.
  • Smith has now defined himself as a violent criminal who is roaming free in Hollywood.
  • With his felonious assault and battery, Will Smith disrespected the faith and trust the family of Richard Williams bestowed upon him to portray the greatest tennis coach in history in the movie, "King Richard," which is based upon Richard Williams life.  
    • The world will now remember Will Smith's slap more than the movie that honors Richard Williams' decades-long work in coaching Venus and Serena Williams into the two greatest tennis stars in the history of the sport.  
  • Smith also disrespected Chris Rock by making him a victim of violent black-on-black crime on national TV.  Some people seek to excuse Smith's felonious conduct by focusing on the "G.I. Jane" joke Chris Rock made about Smith's wife Jada Pinkett, who suffers from alopecia (a non-life threatening dermatological disease that causes hair loss).  
  • Smith humiliated the Oscars program executives who asked him to leave the ceremony immediately after he committed his violent crime in plain view of the world. Smith would not leave the program. These gutless executives should have had security promptly and forcibly escort Smith from the program after the incident, but they did not.
    • By failing to eject Smith from the ceremony, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tacitly condoned his violent behavior.  In contrast, if a college or professional athlete had slapped another athlete during a game, he/she would have been ejected immediately.  
    • Yet, Will Smith was allowed to stay in the audience and come on stage again to accept his "Best Actor" award for "King Richard." Afterwards, Smith was smiling, dancing, and partying with his award in hand. The Hollywood crowd had apparently forgiven him.
  • Finally, Will Smith disrespected all Americans who believe in law and order.  Violence is NEVER the answer to any perceived verbal insult.  Only thugs answer perceived verbal insults with violence.
  • Will Smith must be severely punished for his violent conduct.  The district attorney for Los Angeles County must prosecute Smith for his felonious assault and battery on Chris Rock.  If the current district attorney lacks the balls to do so, he should resign from office so that a real prosecutor can handle the case.


Chris Rock Source Disputes Oscars Producer's Claim He Vetoed Will Smith's Ejection 

  • UPDATE (4/1/2022): Chris Rock was never asked if he wanted Will Smith escorted out of the Dolby Theatre on Sunday after the King Richard actor slapped him during an onstage ambush at the 2022 Oscars, a source close to Rock tells Rolling Stone.
  • The source spoke out after Oscars producer Will Packer told Good Morning America that he intervened, allegedly on Rock’s behalf, and halted an effort by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to eject Smith from the building before his Best Actor award was presented.
  • According to the source close to Rock, neither Packer nor anyone with the Academy ever asked Rock if he wanted Smith removed from the audience. It’s not clear how Rock would have answered that question in the moment because it was never posed, the source says. It was only LAPD who asked Rock about his personal wishes, the source says, leading Rock to say he didn’t want to press criminal charges.
  • In his GMA interview that aired in its entirety Friday, Packer revealed that his co-producer Shayla Cowan told him shortly after the slap that the Academy was pushing for Smith’s ouster. “I said: ‘Chris Rock doesn’t want that.’ I said: ‘Rock has made it clear that he does not want to make a bad situation worse,'” Packer said. “That was Chris’ energy. His tone was not retaliatory, his tone was not aggressive and angry, and so I was advocating what Rock wanted at that time, which was not to physically remove Will Smith at that time. Because as it has now been explained to me, that was the only option at that point. It has been explained to me that there was a conversation I was not a part of to ask him to voluntarily leave.”
  • Breaking his silence in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Packer says Los Angeles Police Department officials were ready to take Smith into custody, but it was Rock who saved him from a trip to jail.
    • “They were saying, you know, ‘This is battery.’ [Battery] was the word they used in that moment,” Packer told ABC News’ T.J. Holmes in a clip published late Thursday, ahead of the full interview airing Friday at 7 a.m. ET. “They said, ‘We will go get him. We are prepared. We’re prepared to get him right now. You can press charges. We can arrest him.'”
    • LAPD previously revealed Rock declined to file charges against Smith, but it wasn’t clear until now that police spoke directly to Rock in person and let him know Smith’s fate was in his hands.
    • “They were laying out the options. And as they were talking, Chris was being very dismissive of those options. He was like, ‘No, no, I’m fine.’ He was like, ‘No, no, no.’ And even to the point where I said, ‘Rock, let them finish.’ The LAPD officers finish laying out what his options were. And they said, you know, ‘Would you like us to take any action?’ And he said, ‘No,'” the Oscars producer recalled.
  • An LAPD source tells Rolling Stone that the battery charge would have been a misdemeanor, so “It would take the victim stepping forward for us to get involved.”
  • “I said: ‘Chris Rock doesn’t want that.’ I said: ‘Rock has made it clear that he does not want to make a bad situation worse,'” Packer said. “That was Chris’ energy. His tone was not retaliatory, his tone was not aggressive and angry, and so I was advocating what Rock wanted at that time, which was not to physically remove Will Smith at that time. Because as it has now been explained to me, that was the only option at that point. It has been explained to me that there was a conversation I was not a part of to ask him to voluntarily leave.”


Diddy Says Will Smith & Chris Rock Already Settled Feud After Oscars 2022 

00:01 : 📌Diddy saying that Will Smith and Chris Rock have cleared the air.

00:33 : 📌Clip: Diddy Instagram story on the matter

01:06 : 📌Clip: Diddys speech trying to clear the tension after the exchange 

01:37 : 📌Clip: Will's apology to the academy after the incident



Watch the uncensored moment Will Smith smacks Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars, drops F-bomb 

Jada Pinkett Smith Responds to Allegation Will Smith Had Sex With Duane Martin | TMZ 

Criminal Lawyer Reacts to Will Smith at the Oscars (Legal Analysis of the Slap) 


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